What is the climate on the Bahamas islands?

The Bahama vacations are a year-round holiday destination. This is an island state in the Atlantic Ocean consisting of about 700 islands and islets and 2 thousand. coral reefs. The surface of the islands is flat, and along some parts of the coast, there are salt marshes overgrown with mangrove forest. The average temperatures are 29 � C in summer and 22 � C in winter, while the annual rainfall is more than 1000 mm. Equatorial climate, humid, with two seasons, summer, damp, lasting from May to November, and winter, rainless – from December to April. Tropical cyclones are quite common.

What is the currency on the Bahamas islands?

Bahamian dollar BSD 1 USD = 1.01 BSD (February 2016) ATMs are located in larger tourist destinations. Credit cards are accepted – Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. Money can be exchanged at banks and hotels.

What are the prices in the Bahamas?

Small beer 0.33 l – 3 USD Lunch in the restaurant – from 10 USD

What time is it in the Bahamas?

The flight from the European port to Nassau, with a change in the USA (eg Miami) – about 16 hours

What is the time difference on the Bahamas islands?

After arriving in the capital of the country – Nassau, watches should be rearranged against Polish time in the back by 4 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter.

What transport does it take to drive around the Bahamas islands?

Left-hand traffic applies. The best form of travel on the Islands is a car that you can rent. Between islands, you can travel by water or air.

What sockets for the Bahamas?

120 V; 60 Hz, American (2 vertical longitudinal parallel holes at the top and round in the middle at the bottom), adapters available in hotels or available in stores.

Some important information before going to the Bahama vacations?

A lot of today’s ferries (passenger ferries) sailing in the Baltic Sea are registered there and fly under the flag of this port. It is connected with low taxes. Worth recommending is the Junkanoo festival has long been inscribed in the tradition of this country. It takes place around Christmas. Streets in this time resound with reggae music, bells and everywhere you can see dancing residents who joyfully encourage tourists to play together.

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