Of the Hawaiian islands, the second largest one is Maui Hawaii. It is a fantastic place to visit, simply a thrill to all senses. In Maui, the sun and sea provide endless opportunities for activities such as Watersports, sunbathing, and hiking, to be played, as well as the rich culture that allows for the history to be shared with visitors and tourists.

When in Maui, it is only natural for the center of tourist attractions to be the fantastic beaches on the island such as Kanpaai beach, stretching three miles off the Northwest coast. A few of the activities that make the visit blissful are the shallow waters, magnificent snorkeling, and whale watching opportunities, making the beaches a true paradise for anyone.
Maui’s beauty can be appreciated by taking the scenic highway, route 60, which takes you through the forests, as well as waterfalls, letting one enjoy the view as they drive. Another way to enjoy the beautiful scenery is by taking the helicopter tour, taking you to parts of the island that are inaccessible using other modes of transport.
It is all these, that make Maui one of the top locations to visit for any tourist. Memories of a trip well spent will be made there.

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