The origin and development of Glacier national park.

The Glacier area is rich of the American history and today hosts one of the best parks in the United State borders. Following its large land cover and climatic condition, different mountains and ranges are found within the park with the presence of a great number of lakes. A tour around the park will expose you to a variety of both the plant and animal species. It also has the land separated perfectly to give room for the protected land which covers approximately 41,000 km2.

A life to experience full ecosystem balance following the great protection that is given to nature must visit Glacier national park. The park has been able to serve its purpose effectively and remained among the best following the great management experience from the National Park Service.

It has recorded one of the greatest tourist attraction in the United States with the total number of tourist estimated at 2.2 million every year. The park is currently being improved to offer some of the best experiences to the guests including the roads the serves it.

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